Frequently Asked Questions

Are artificial lawns similar to indoor carpet (astro-turf) ?
No. Third Coast Turf & Greens installs turf that truly resemble the real thing. Our thatched turf has two different types of fibers, a longer fiber that replicates blades of grass and a short, curly fiber that adds cushion and support to the longer fibers. Our infilled synthetic grass is actually combined with silica sand or envirofill which keeps the turf in place, blades standing up, and helps with drainage. The fibers are 1.5 to 2.5 inches long which gives your lawn a look and feel of natural grass.
Does the sun harm artificial turf grass or cause it to fade?
No. Third Coast Turf only installs turf with UV protection coating and can withstand the damaging affects of the sun and heat. These UV inhibitors are incorporated within the yarn process and will allow the yarn to hold color even in the most harsh and sunny conditions.
Is artificial turf safe for my children?
An artificial lawn is absolutely safe for children. Some synthetic products are actually softer than natural grass, so falling during play doesn’t leave injuries. It produces no pollen, so kids will likely see a reduction in allergies. Our infill is anti-microbial so it lessons the chances of bacteria spreading to children.
Is artificial grass dog-friendly?
Absolutely our lawns are pet/dog friendly. Third Coast Turf installs turf that has been used by many professional pet boarders in dog runs. It doesn’t stain and urine drains through it. Any mess can be washed off with a hose. Best of all, dogs can’t dig through artificial grass.
How much maintenance and upkeep does an artificial lawn need?
Artificial turf is low-maintenance and easily maintained. You will need to wash it down occasionally with a garden hose and brush it with a broom or plastic rake to keep the fibers upright.

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